• Sport: Athletics Disciplines: 100m Classification: T33
  • Sport: Athletics Disciplines: 200m Classification: T33

Quick Facts

Acquired brain injury
How acquired
How acquired
Brain virus
Date of Birth
August 27, 1982
West Pennant Hills, NSW
Started Competing
First Competed for Australia

Emily Longhurst

Greatest Moment

Race record at the Gold Coast half marathon


Rosemary Little is preparing for her first Paralympic Games in London after her recent achievements during the 2012 Australian athletics season. Competing on the annual Summer Down Under wheelchair circuit, Rosemary set a new world record in the T33 100m and 200m in Sydney, securing her place on the 2012 Team.

Rosemary has overcome steep obstacles in order to obtain her spot on the team. Last year, she competed in the City2Surf, during which she collided with a runner. The accident severely damaged the chair’s right disc wheel, forcing her to raise money for a new racing chair for her preparation to qualify for the Paralympics. Despite this, Rosemary finished the race in third place in the elite wheelchair category.

She also suffered a devastating defeat eight years ago, when she was 0.02 of a second short of qualifying for the Athens Paralympics.

Before a competition, Rosemary drinks a Red Bull and eats a banana, and has already achieved her ultimate goal which was to qualify for the Paralympics. She is multi-talented, having already represented Australia in the hand-cycling while completing two university degrees in occupational therapy at Sydney University and e-business at Macquarie University.

She describes her most embarrassing moment as crashing at a training camp and scraping off half the skin on her back and lists The Shawshank Redemption as her favourite movie.